Software & Hardware system


  • Designed for computer-aided warfare planning, military training and combat environment simulation
  • Suitable for training of headquarters and units from all services and branches (Army, Navy, Air Forces) and for simulation of ground, maritime and air combat activities
  • Equipped with the set of simulators and trainer systems (from 10 to 20 components) depending on assigned mission
  • Available in two major versions: HQ (C2) Synthetic Training System (HQSTS) and Tactical Environment Simulation and Simulators Integration System (TESSIS)

HQ (C2) Synthetic Training System (HQSTS)

  • Used as staff trainer system for computer-aided simulation of combat actions and HQ (C2) activities
  • Satisfies with modern requirements for HQ (C2) training concept based on the Constructive Training technology (Battle Laboratory)
  • Deployable as stationary training facilities for military academies and training centers and also as mobile facilities for headquarters and command posts

Training of the HQ planning groups:

  • general operational planning;
  • planning of fire destruction coordination;
  • planning of missiles and artillery troops, aviation, Air Defense and Navy engagement;
  • planning of reconnaissance, control and communications;
  • planning of special troops activities (electronic warfare, nuclear, chemical and biological protection);
  • planning of combat support (engineering, logistic and technical).

HQSTS capabilities:

  • Increasing professional qualification level and skills of officers during command and staff exercises, games and trainings;
  • Training of HQ officers in quick assessment of the situation;
  • Developing rational CONOPS and optimal plans of operations.

Tactical skills practice:

  • Command of military formations and HQ activities organization during combat operations planning;
  • Implementation of HQ (C2) officials duties and responsibilities during operations planning;
  • Harmonization of HQ activities, control, interaction, and decision-making.

HQSTS structure:

  • Automated workstation (AWS) of HQ (C2) officials;
  • AWS of EXCON members;
  • Software & Hardware tools;
  • Unified interface facilities ( HLA interface) for connection with information systems, automated control systems and command posts.

Tactical Environment Simulation & Simulators Integration System (TESSIS)

  • Designed for individual and group tactical training
  • Includes simulation and 3D visualization of combat activities
  • Ensures interface of simulated tactical environment situations with connected simulators
  • Extends capabilities of simulators and other trainer systems through integration of all components into joint training environment.

TESSIS structure:

  • Hardware: AWSs, servers, screens, monitors, network equipment, and printers;
  • Software: virtual simulation environment, visualization tools, interface facilities with simulators and other trainer systems.

TESSIS employment:

  • Individual and group training of crews. Soldiers are training skills in reconnaissance, surveillance, maneuvers, pursuit of the enemy, and conduct of fire;
  • Individual and group training of units. Servicemen are training skills in march, lines passing, and firing control, reconnaissance, ground and air targets destruction, capture and possession of specified objects.

TESSIS capabilities:

  • Full-fledged tactical training of military units. Live comprehensive simulation of combat situation allows to conduct combat activity and develop practical skills under close-to-real conditions;
  • Automated training control with the capability of logging and transmitting results;
  • Reduction in combat training value. Virtual battlespace replaces field conditions which can be provided only in the course of real exercises;
  • Baseline for combat training centers development. Universality of the TESSIS and rapid interoperability with trainer systems permit to reduce the time and the cost of combat training center deployment.

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Свидетельство о государственной регистрации программы для ЭВМ № 2010611186

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Свидетельство на товарный знак № 451003