Software & Hardware system


  • Designed for training and computer-aided planning of Air Force and Air Defense activities for winning and holding air superiority
  • Based on computer-aided simulation of combat operations (Constructive Training technology)
  • Integrated with trainer systems of aircrafts, helicopters and Air Defense systems
  • Developed for training of HQs and CPs, as well as for military academies and training centers
  • Deployment variants: stationary and mobile
  • Available in two major versions: HQ (C2) Synthetic Training System (HQSTS) and Tactical Environment Simulation and Simulators Integration System (TESSIS)

HQ (C2) Synthetic Training System (HQSTS)

  • Designed for HQ (C2) officials training
  • Based on state-of-art technologies
  • Coincided with new requirements for training in effective and rapid reaction to tactical environment change-over

Training of the HQ planning groups

  • general operational planning
  • planning of operational-tactical calculations and combat activities simulation
  • planning of combat employment of aviation and Air Defense units
  • planning of navigation and technical support
  • planning of reconnaissance, electronic warfare, communication (including units of radio-technical support and automated control system), as well as chiefs of engineer service and NBC Protection
  • planning of engineer and technical support

HQSTS capabilities

  • Execution of command-staff wargames, exercises, and training of staff officers at different levels
  • Facilitation of operational training control, combat operations planning, and AAR

Tactical skills practice

  • Assessment of situation and opposite forces capabilities
  • Development of CONOPS variants
  • Quick and prompt corrections of developed variants
  • Organization of HQ activities during planning of combat operations (interaction and command of HQ (C2) formations)
  • Implementation of HQ (C2) officials duties and responsibilities while developing and planning operations and combat activities
  • Harmonization of HQ activities including joint planning, decision-making, control, and interaction

HQSTS structure

  • Automated workstations (AWSs) of HQ (C2) officials
  • AWSs of EXCON members
  • Software & Hardware tools
  • Unified interface facilities (HLA interface) for connection with automated information systems, automated control systems, and CPs

Tactical Environment Simulation & Simulators Integration System (TESSIS)

  • Extends application area of simulators and other trainer systems due to joint training environment
  • Ensures interface of simulated tactical environment situations with connected simulators
  • Recorded all results for AAR and evaluation

TESSIS capabilities

  • Creation of object models of tactical training environment with specified complexity level according to selected region, infrastructure, formations deployment type (ground, air, surface)
  • Analysis of tactical environment change-over (3D event display is performed on digital terrain maps)
  • Simulation of created variants to get forecasting results
  • Analysis of sides activities
  • Monitoring of development and modification of tactical environment depending on scenario change-over

TESSIS structure

  • Workstations with installed software tools for virtual battlespace development
  • AWSs of Training Instructor and Instructor Assistant.

Patents and Certificates

Свидетельство о государственной регистрации программы для ЭВМ № 2010611187

Свидетельство о государственной регистрации программы для ЭВМ № 2010611187

Свидетельство на товарный знак № 451004

Свидетельство на товарный знак № 451004