Training command post of air group of operational-tactical aviation

Training CP is developed for training of combat crews in the operational-tactical aviation units. Command post ensures skills development on missions planning during computer aided training. Training process is based on simulation modeling technology.

Training CP is employed for group tactical briefings and command-and-staff training exercises. Training on the base of simulation significantly improves harmonization of combat crew’s activity in the structure of air groups, units and subunits.

Состав изделия Учебный командный пункт оперативно-тактической авиации

Structure of training CP-OTA

The CP-OTA structure includes hardware and software tools.


  • AWS of CP officials
  • Servers
  • Graphics stations
  • Panel or table for display of common data
  • Equipment for LAN development


  • Secured OS Astra Linux Special Edition
  • Simulation system
  • Support and supply modules
  • Program tool (PT) «AWS constructor»
  • Program tool (PT) of reference system

Functions and tasks of training CP-OTA

In the framework of practical combat training CP-OTA ensures the following:

Automatic development of operation schedule for training specialists during planning of air groups (units, subunits) activity.

Support of officials duties training in accordance with developed operation schedule. Course of training is based on employment of the Workstations (AWS), simulation system and modules of supply and support.

Evaluation of trainee’s activity results during training exercise planning.

Officials training according to functional tasks

Training CP includes some types of automated workstations for officials training from different HQ levels.

For interaction of officials during training CP-OTA includes special module for information-computing support

Подготовка должностных лиц по функциональным задачам

    Additional capabilities

    Software-hardware system of training CP-OTA allows to calculate and evaluate status of all types of engineering (aviation and airfield) and technical (for airfields) support:

    • Generate reference data according to (combat and numerical) structure of units of all aviation services (aviation engineering service, airfield technical support, airfield-engineering aviation support);
    • Calculate potential capabilities on preparation of airborne vehicles for flight;
    • Determine reserves for airworthy conditions of airfield support
    • Calculate level of aviation units logistic support;
    • Calculate requirements and level of munition provision (airborne weapons) and Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants (POL) (for units and military formations);
    • Forecast dynamics of aircraft engineering status change during combat activities;
    • Forecast dynamics of airfield posture

    Employment of training CP-OTA allows fostering skills development of HQ officials of all levels and specialties on combat actions planning.

    Joint employment with simulation system of tactical environment (SSTE) could additionally increase training level of combat crews.

    Training CP-OTA develops skills of correct interaction between headquarters and officials of Air Force units and subunits.

    Схема УКП ОТА