Standard secured software- hardware complex.

SHC “Karkas-K” РУСБ.461263.129 is designed for networking of various stationary servers and workstations, network tools of data registration and processing as well as for building computer networks with centralized, decentralized and combined use of computer facilities with required level of protection from an unauthorized access to classified information.


SHC “Karkas-K” consists of separate self-sustained sets, and may include:

  • set of server equipment;
  • workstation (set);
  • set of peripherals;
  • set of patching and rooting facilities;
  • set of installation units;
  • set of operation manuals;
  • set of SPTA



Operational environment of the product is based on the «Astra Linux Special Editon» operating system.

SHC “Karkas-K” provides processing of confidential information and ensures possibility of classified data employment in computer-aided systems with security class – 3B, 2B, 1G, 1D in accordance with guidelines of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation presented in the document “Computer-aided systems. Protection of information against unauthorized access. Classification of computer-aided systems and requirements for information protection”.