"Kolodets 3D"

Panoramic projection system of 3D images.

Output data of the system is 3D environment generated by unified 3D visualization system (3D UVS) “Iris-T” and other visualization systems.

«Kolodets 3D»

Basic application areas:

  • joint employment with virtual trainer systems (group and individual)
  • demo of data representation
  • situational centers and conference rooms
  • exhibition stand

Visualization of simulation modeling results on curved or spherical projection screens including cylinder screen encourages knowledge, skills, and experiences development. Employment of panoramic projection system in aggregate with trainer systems facilitates achievement of participation effect so that renders possible to increase basic capabilities of simulators thus influencing on the quality of training exercises.

Screen system

For the benefit of screen system development standard configurations of screens are available such as cylinder, sphere, semi sphere, conic frustum as well as other screens types made under individual order.

Individual design features are specified on customer requirements. Configurable parameters of the screen systems: diameter, screen height, type of shading system, screen surface material, total weight.

Viewing angle inside screen set varies up to 360 degrees horizontally and to 180 degrees vertically for cylindrical screen; up to 180 degrees horizontally and to 110 degrees vertically for dome screen. Individual viewing features are specified while scope of supply development. Pitch of viewing angle modification is not limited.

For exhibition and presentation stands it is possible to display customer images on external surface of screen system.

Projection system

Panoramic image projection is provided by employment of several projectors having transmitted data from visualization channels. Displayed image has seamless connection in all view width.

In merger areas displayed image has blending compensation what helps to create rendering scene with equal brightness as well as contrast parameters in all view width. Operating projection angles with 60 degrees fields of view enable to diversify overall width of final image up to 360 degrees.

Patents and Certificates

Патент на изобретение № 2607149

Патент на изобретение № 2607149