Model of virtual radio signal propagation environment

Designed for high-precision simulation of VHF and HF radio nets and digital information providers operation (radio, land line, data transmission equipment (DTE) and classified communication equipment) under forces (troops) combat activities.

Employed without real emission in live propagation environment using local area networks (LAN).

Unifies mathematically the models of software and software/hardware simulators of radio stations that can be deployed in computer-based training facilities and indoor combat vehicles simulators.

The model is implemented in “Software system of radio signal propagation facilities simulation” product.

The system structure includes:

  • server of radio signal propagation simulation;
  • software module for interface with information simulation environment of JSC "RPA RusBiTech" development based on HLA (high level architecture) technology;
  • firmware of radio stations simulators;
  • software module of administrator.

Employment of communication simulators allows:

  • Reuse of combat radio stations settings in conditions of jamming and inputs of failures by instructor without putting to use resources of real equipment.
  • Operation on communication channels generation and network management in virtual radio signal propagation environment like at organic combat radio stations in compliance with the requirements of the Guidance documents of the MOD of the Russian Federation.
  • Interface of virtual radio signal propagation environment with VHF radio stations in voice communication mode through interface unit of combat net radio.