"RBT Omega"

Software system of computer networks status control and operation administration.

System is designed for control of information systems with a considerable number of subordinated objects.

System is interoperable with computer aided information systems (including secure design version) based on the “Astra Linux” operating system.

The SS SCOA is employed for network control as well as for information gathering, processing, displaying and storage. System evaluates technical status of network components and gives warning to administrator (operator) about the change of testing parameter of object or system element.


Software system contains 4 program modules:

  • SCOA server (PM SOCS)
  • SCOA agent (PM SOCA)
  • SCOA display and control (PM DC)
  • telecommunication objects scanning module (TOSM)




Installation of software system in the computer network enables:

  • increase the reliability of information systems
  • reduce the number of failures of computer-aided information system hardware, devices and components
  • optimize the maintenance cost of both stand- alone computer aided systems and the whole network
  • facilitate the development of subsidiary systems and the adaptation of the operating ones to new conditions



Principal of the SS SCOA operation

Considers firmware and engineering components, displays network composition and structure. Outputs controlling data about servers, workstations, switching and peripheral equipment;

Controls parameters of programs, devices and elements. Outputs controlling data at the system and object levels;

Checks, monitors and logs events. Displays data about network components (software and hardware ) operation;

Informs administrator about parameters and status changes. Gives visual and acoustic signals.




Primary advantages of the SS SCOA “RBT Omega”

Suitable for deployment in secured networks due to interoperability with software based on the Astra Linux operating system family as well as for masking network traffic

The SCOA module agent captures and stores data in off-line mode (in case of interrupted connection with server).

Controls the integrity of both the whole system and stand -alone files.

Displays status at different levels: system and object ones.

Meets the requirements on data productivity, reliability and validity for controlling software systems.


Requirements on software for the SS SCOA deployment

  • Astra Linux (Special or Common Edition) operating system
  • LAN based on TCP/IP protocols
  • database control system PostgreSQL version 8.3 or higher



Patents and Certificates

Свидетельство о государственной регистрации программы для ЭВМ № 2012618198

Свидетельство о государственной регистрации программы для ЭВМ № 2012618198