Standard secured software-hardware complex.

SHS “Karkas-S” is designed for networking of various single servers, groups of servers and work stations in secured LAN as well as for processing of state secret information with security classification up to "top secret" inclusively and for application in computer aided systems coincides with the requirements of the Federal Service of Technical and Export Control and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


Structure of the standard SHC “Karkas-S” includes:

  • software-hardware complex of server equipment;
  • software-hardware complex of work station;
  • set of LAN equipment;
  • firewall;
  • set of operational documentation;
  • set of SPTE



Computing facilities of the SHC are equipped with hardware-software modules of trusted loading and antivirus protection tools.

The SHS “Karkas-S” firmware is certified in the framework of certification system of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


Delivery shall be made with the set of assembly and operational documentation providing cost minimization for acceptance and putting into operation of computer engineering object.

The SHS “Karkas-S” could be integrated with the “Brest” software system of virtualization tools.